Mrs. Feroben and I are so excited about bringing DECA to NWRHS. When I first joined the faculty at Northwest, DECA and FBLA and all the other acronyms for various clubs meant very little to me. DECA was introduced to me by the DECA sponsor at Brandon High School and I believed it sounded like something that would be good for the students. Brandon and the other DECA chapters in Rankin County worked together to provide all the schools with the best possibly programs. Coming from a business background, I know how important collaboration and teamwork can be to an organizations longevity.

As Mrs. Feroben and I began learning about DECA from the other Rankin County sponsors and from the DECA director of Mississippi we grew more and more excited about what this organization has to offer the students at NWRHS. This is more than a club. It is an avenue to success.


    1. Good questions,
      DECA originally stood for Distributive Education Clubs of America. This name made more sense and had more meaning in the past. In today’s culture the name has lost its meaning so they no longer use the longer name. Technically and Legally the name DECA is not an acronym any more, it is the whole name.

    1. Hi Kiondra,
      I apologize for the delay in responding to your question. It was marked as SPAM and I just saw it in the SPAM folder.
      DECA competitions are modeled after business situations. In some students are given a situation or scenario that has a problem or issue to resolve and they prepare a presentation to address or solve that issue. In others, they prepare a marketing or business plan and present it to a professional businessperson who serves as the judge.

  1. Would you consider DECA a great club/organizations for a student who is not necessarily the best in public speaking? Is it important to think about when you are interested in joining DECA?

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